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2015 Articles

September 2015--Lexingtonian Articles 37

August 2015--Lexingtonian Articles 36

July 2015--Lexingtonian Articles 35

June 2015--Lexingtonian Articles 34

May 2015--Lexingtonian Articles 33

April 2015--Lexingtonian Articles 32

March 2015--Lexingtonian Articles 31

February 2015--Lexingtonian Articles 30

January 2015--Lexingtonian Articles 29


2014 Articles

December 2014--Lexingtonian Articles 28

November 2014--Lexingtonian Articles 27

October 2014--Lexingtonian Articles 26

September 2014--Lexingtonian Articles 25

August 2014--Lexingtonian Articles 24

July 2014--Lexingtonian Articles 23

June 2014--Lexingtonian Articles 22

May 2014--Lexingtonian Articles 21

April 2014--Lexingtonian Articles 20

March 2014--Lexingtonian Articles 19

February 2014--Lexingtonian Articles 18

January 2014--Lexingtonian Articles 17

2013 Articles

December 2013--Lexingtonian Articles 16

November 2013--Lexingtonian Articles 15

October 2013--Lexingtonian Articles 14

September 2013--Lexingtonian Articles 13

August 2013--Lexingtonian Articles 12

July 2013--Lexingtonian Articles 11

June 2013--Lexingtonian Articles 10

May 2013--Lexingtonian Articles 9

April 2013--Lexingtonian Articles 8

March 2013--Lexingtonian Articles 7

February 2013--Lexingtonian Articles 6

January 2013--Lexingtonian Articles 5

2012 Articles

December 2012--Lexingtonian Articles 4

November 2012--Lexingtonian Articles 3

October 2012--In the News! (More Lexingtonian Articles)

September 2012--Lexingtonian Articles Reprinted

 August 2012--Snakes on the Mackinaw

July 2012--Final Delivery: Rural Mail Carrier

 June 2012--A Look at McLean County

May 2012--Preservation Tips

April 2012--Occupations Defined

March 2012--Pleasant Hill--Ghost Town Pictures

February 2012--Nancy Hanks Lincoln Tale

January 2012--Primary Sources


2011 Articles

December 2011--Final Resting Places

November 2011--Soldier Resources at the Fort

October 2011--Lexington Abbey (Mausoleum)

September 2011--Lexington Student Projects-6-66,TurnerandTwister

August 2011--Lexington Student Projects-5-Enduring Services

July 2011--Lexington Student Projects-4-VanDolah Projects

June 2011--Lexington Student Projects-3-Turn of the Century

May 2011--Lexington Student Projects-2-1840's to 1860's

April 2011--Lexington Student Projects-1-Early Settlement

March 2011--Lexington's Franklin Mansion-Part 4

February 2011--Lexington's Franklin Mansion-Part 3

January 2011--Lexington's Franklin Mansion-Part 2


2010 Articles

December 2010--Genealogist Christmas Poem

November 2010--Lexington's Franklin Mansion-Part 1

October 2010--Old Chicago Trail 2

September 2010--Albert D.J. Cashier House Update

August 2010--Indian Field Cemetery Revisited

July 2010--New Resource LHS Graduations

June 2010--The Old Chicago Trail

May 2010--Jacob Spawr-Lexington's First Citizen

April 2010--The Survey Says

March 2010--Quick Survey

February 2010--Patton Cabin Lexington, Illinois Again

January 2010--Volunteer Appreciation Dinner


2009 Articles

December 2009--Genealogist's Christmas Eve

November 2009--Privileged Information

October 2009--Cemetery Findings

September 2009--Lexington High School Class of 1889

August 2009--Flesher Family Reunion 2009

July 2009--More Civil War Items

June 2009--Memorial Day Remembered

May 2009--Travel Historic Route 66 on the Web

 April 2009--Travel Online Highway to the Past

March 2009--Blacksmith Shop Gets New Role in Lexington, Illinois

February 2009--President Lincoln Stops in Lexington, Illinois

January 2009--New Year-New Look-New Focus for the Fort


2008 Articles

December 2008--Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

November 2008--Grimsley Genealogy

October 2008--Early History of Lexington, Illinois

September 2008--The Phenomena of Dowsing or Witching

August 2008-- Grave Concerns on the Internet

July 2008--Alumni, Reunions, and Yearbooks

June 2008--Historical Duncan Manor of Towanda, Illinois

May 2008--Smith Public Library -- Lexington Public Library

April 2008--Hon. William M. Smith - McLean County, Lexington Illinois Politician

March 2008--March is Illinois Historical Marker Month

February 2008--The Dash

January 2008--The Year was 1907


2007 Articles

December 2007--Tour of Lexington, Illinois' Past-Part 2

November 2007--Veterans Memorial, Lexington, Illinois

October 2007--Tour of Lexington, Illinois' Past-Part 1

September 2007--The Castle-Part 3 Interior Tour Lexington, Illinois

August 2007--The Castle-Part 2 Exterior Tour Lexington, Illinois

July 2007--The Castle-Part 1 Lexington, Illinois

June 2007--Pictures From Our Past-Clarence Best, Lexington Artist

May 2007--Lexington, Illinois' Baseball Great-Ed Kinsella

April 2007--Kids Eye View of History

March 2007--ElPaso, Illinois Man Among First Blacks to Vote After 15th Amendment

February 2007--Lexington Illinois' Electric Light System

January 2007--Lexington Character, James McHugh


2006 Articles

December 2006 -- A Taste of Lexington, Illinois

November 2006 -- Patriot Guard Riders

October 2006 -- Lexington, Illinois Fire Department

September 2006 -- Lexington, Illinois Our Home Town Quilt

August 2006 -- Requiem for a Neighbor

July 2006 -- Lexington, Illinois Water Works

June 2006 -- 1970 Lexington, Illinois' Tornado

May 2006 -- Weddings

April 2006 -- The Drowning of Albert Dodd

March 2006 -- The Irish Came

February 2006 -- Lincoln in Lexington, Illinois

January 2006 --  Student Projects for Lexington, Illinois' Sesquicentennial


2005 Articles

December 2005-- The First McLean County, Illinois

November 2005 -- Livingston County, Illinois Early Settlers

October 2005 -- Historical Home in Lexington, Illinois

September 2005 -- History of Lexington, Illinois Schools

August 2005 -- Rainbow Bridge

July 2005 -- Do You Remember? 1955

June 2005 -- Lexington, Illinois Telephone Service

May 2005 -- How Indian Field Cemetery Got Its Name

April 2005 -- Early mills on the Mackinaw

March 2005 -- How Lexington, Illinois Was Named

February 2005 -- Uncle Jack Turner

January 2005 -- Banks and Bankers of Lexington, Illinois


2004 Articles

December 2004 -- Turkey Creek Golf Course and Country Club

November 2004 -- Lexington, Illinois Christian Church

October 2004 -- Weston, Illinois as it was, 1900-1910

September 2004 -- History of Dawson Cemetery

August 2004 -- The Village of Potosi, Illinois

July 2004 -- The Henline Stockade

June 2004 -- The Patton Cabin

May 2004 -- Reminiscences of Pleasant Hill, Illinois

April 2004 -- A Deserted Village, Clarksville, Illinois

March 2004 -- Early Lexington, Illinois