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We encourage each researcher to come to our facility to personally conduct his or her search. Knowing that it may not be feasible, our volunteers will answer letters with research requests. Please note that priority is given to our members. We do ask that enough detail be provided to enable the research volunteer to conduct a thorough search. Family group sheets, completed with what is known about the family, are great tools to communicate your wants and needs.  Feel free to use our Family Group Sheet, or one of yours.

Open-ended requests that ask for everything available on a surname will be returned. Limits may be placed on the research done by the society, and a fee will be charged. All research income is donated to the society. It does not go to the volunteer who does the research.

A minimum fee of $6.00 will only cover the parents and unmarried children in the household. Any other family unit researched will be an additional $6.00 each. There will be an extra charge for any photocopies and postage. Copy fees per sheet are 15 cents for members and 20 cents for non-members.

Please make all checks payable to: Lexington Genealogy & Historical Society

Do to the amount of correspondence that we receive, be advised that it may be 4 to 6 weeks before you receive an answer. When you send a request to our society, please include your e-mail address so that if the need arises, we can quickly contact you. We do not have internet access at The Fort, but the volunteer who is answering your letter could still make contact.  A self addressed stamped envelope is nice but not required.