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Closed Sunday and Monday


About Us


The Lexington Genealogical and Historical Society, Inc. (a.k.a. "The Fort") was founded in 1965 by Verda Gerwick, and is a non-profit organization.

Our geographic coverage includes McLean, Livingston, Ford and Woodford counties.
We are operated solely by volunteer help, and supported by membership dues and research donations.  Our library is open to the general public for research. 

Our purpose is to encourage genealogy, promote local history, and assist others in gathering genealogical and historical information.  The society is dedicated to the tasks of collecting, researching, and preserving local genealogical and historical information.


Benefits of becoming a member are:
You will receive a newsletter twice a year in May and November.
Any correspondence a member sends is given priority over a non-member.
Copy charges are 15 cents for members and 20 cents for non-members.

Board of Directors

President ~ Diana Frerichs
VP/Volunteer Advocate ~ Susan McGuire
Treasurer ~ Patricia Pease
Secretary ~ Jan Heuer

Building Chairperson ~ Rebecca Pentecost 
Properties Chairperson ~ Jackie Rever
Obits Chairperson ~ Madeline Jones
Membership/Audit Chairperson ~ Kathie Tallon

Outreach Chairperson ~ Lucy Loper

Daily Volunteers
Daily 9 -3 p.m. Volunteers
Tuesday:  Susan McGuire, Kathie Tallon, Pati Pease
Wednesday:  Madeline Jones and Kay Berry
Thursday:  Linda Lanzer, Jan Heuer, Debbie Barnard, Pati Pease
Friday:  Dorothy Myers, Jackie Rever, Linda Sumrall
Saturday:  Jan Heuer and Delores Perry

Other Helpers:  Rebecca Pentecost and Nancy Griffin

Newspaper Volunteers

Gene Gangloff -  Woodford Co. Obits

Warren Borchers -  Ford Co. papers

Kathie Tallon - McLean Co Newspapers

Dorothy Myers - Livingston Co Newspapers

Susan McGuire - Lexingtonian Articles weekly

Business and Building Volunteers
Kay Berry - Woodford County Obit & Cemetery Indexing

Sally Breese - Local History

Bill Clark - Misc. Assistant

John Colclasure - Special Projects/Articles

Diana Frerichs - Supplies/Acquisitions

Nancy Griffith - Organizing/Homes Project

Norm Hiser - Old House Society connection

Jan Heuer - PR/Newsletter/Indexing

Madeline Jones - Ford and Woodford Co. Obit & Cemetery Indexing

Linda Lanzer - Researcher

Jean Lague - Summer Researcher

Marie Leuchtenberg - Indexing

Lucy Loper - Homes Project/Misc Projects

Susan McGuire - Weekly Articles/Indexing/Researching

Nancy Miller - Bloomington researcher

Dorothy Myers - Livingston County Obit and Cemetery Indexing/Grounds

Rebecca Pentecost - Indexing/Organizing

Patricia Pease - Business Manager/Newsletter

Dee Perry - Organization/ Filing/ Indexing

Jackie Rever - Livingston County Obit and Cemetery/ Indexing/ Map Preservation

Steve Rourke - Lazer Tec Computer Hardware Advisor

Sue Seegmiller - Chenoa connection/Researcher

Amy Steidinger - Forrest connection/Researcher

Linda Sumrall - Indexing/Researcher

Laura Walden - Old House Society connection

We would also like to recognize all of our members and patrons who generously donate stories, obituaries, information, and support to The Fort so that we may continue to help others in their genealogical searches.